Cedar Point is a 364-acre amusement park located on a Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky,Ohio,USA.


Cedar Point Sign.

Cedar Point's Welcome Sign.

Old Cedar Point logo

The logo used from the 1970s to 1994

Cedar Point is the only park that Cedar Fair built themselves. Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio. The park itself opened in 1870. Eventully the park started building more and more rides. The park then started building numerous roller coasters. Then later on the park took up the name: "America's Roller Coast." At one time they had the most roller coasters in one park, tied with The Six Flags Magic Mountain. When they tore down the Wild-Cat in 2012 they lost the title of Most Roller Coaster.


Cedar Point has a sufficent amount of Roller Coasters and Family/Carnival Rides. The total amount of rides they have in the park totals Seventy-Five.

Roller CoastersEdit

In order of the year it was built:

Roller Coaster. Year Built. Height (ft). Thrill Rating.
Blue Streak 1964. 78 Feet. 4.
Cedar Creek Mine Ride 1969. 48 Feet. 4.
Corkscrew 1976. 85 Feet. 5.
Gemini 1978. 125 Feet. 5.
Jr.Gemini 1979. 19 Feet. 2.
Disaster Transport 1985. 63 Feet. 4.
Iron Dragon 1987. 76 Feet. 4.
Magnum XL-200 1989. 205 Feet. 5.
Mean Streak 1991. 161 Feet. 5.
Raptor 1994. 137 Feet. 5.
Mantis 1996. 145 Feet. 5.
Woodstock Express 1999. 43 Feet. 4.
Millenium Force. 2000. 310 Feet. 5.
Wicked Twister 2002. 215 Feet. 5.
Top Thrill Dragster 2003. 420 Feet. 5.
Maverick 2007. 105 Feet. 5.

Thrill RidesEdit

In order of year built:

Thrill Ride. Year Built. Thrill Rating.
Scrambler 1960. 3.
Cedar Downs Racing Derby 1967. 3.
Calypso 1970. 3.
Dodgem 1970. 4.
Monster 1970. 3.
Super Himalaya 1970. 3.
Matterhorn 1972. 3.
Troika 1976. 3.
Witches' Wheel 1977. 4.
Wave Swinger 1979. 3.
Ocean Motion 1982. 3.
Power Tower 1998. 5.
maXair 2005. 5.
Skyhawk 2006. 5.
WindSeeker 2011. 4.

Family RidesEdit

In order of year built:

Family Ride. Year Built. Thrill Rating.
Midway Carousel. 1946. 1.
Cadillac Cars. 1960. 3.
Sky Ride. 1961. 3.
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad. 1963. 1.
Space Spiral. 1965. 2.
Turnpike Cars. 1965. 3.
Kiddy Kingdom Carousel. 1968. 1.
Antique Cars. 1969. 3.
Giant Wheel. 1972. 2.
Tilt-A-Whirl. 1999. 3.
Dinosaurs Alive! 2012.


Water RidesEdit

In order of year built:

Water Ride. Year Built. Thrill Rating.
Thunder Canyon. 1986. 4.
Snake River Falls. 1993. 5.
Shoot the Rapids. 2010. 5.

Cedar Point also offers a series of kiddie rides and kiddie areas such as Camp and Planet Snoopy.

Soak City

Soak City is Cedar Point's water park that is located within the park. Soak city also offers a series of waterslides, and tube slides. Slong with those there is also a wave pool, and a kiddie area. The waterpark closes two-hours before the park does. For more information visist the article: Soak City.

Photo GalleryEdit


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